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Jazz Network

Founded in 1987, Jazz Network association has been world's first telematic network in the cultural field. The concept of "network" is therefore in its DNA since inception. Its aims are: to promote, enhance,  spread, and make jazz palatable to ever more wide and aware audiences; give creative opportunities for their leads; examine which cultural relations link jazz to the bulk of contemporary music and art, which social relations revolve around it, what are its dynamics in the passing of generations, what will be the influences on the music of the future.

Jazz Network's activity takes place for a good chunk of the year:

Crossroads – Jazz e Altro in Emilia-Romagna: regional festival born in 2000. One-of-a-kind event in Italy, for vastness of space and time involved (more than 20 municipalities in the region, for more than 60 concerts, in over four months), and for abundance and diversity of musical offerings, all on a high level. Crossroads takes the cultural risk of bringing its events also in suburbs and smaller centers, usually ignored by institutional circuits.

Ravenna Jazz: One of Italy's oldest festivals (first held in 1974).10 intense days of music, concerts at Teatro Alighieri and in various clubs and venues over around the city.

Pazzi di Jazz: educational initiative aimed at schools of all levels in Ravenna and its surroundings. Opened in 2014, repeatedly awarded the Medal of Merit for Culture and Art by the President of Italy, and supported by the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, it presents various themed meetings and workshops, held by internationally renowned artists, with one final event at Teatro Alighieri involving a group of junior youth performing alongside their masters.

Jazz Network is a founding member of national association JIP – Jazz Italian Platform – which today counts 19 among the most important jazz promoters (including Umbria Jazz) who have been active for a long time throughout Italy.

Jazz Network is also a founding member of Europe Jazz Network, ever-growing international association based in Paris, which now counts 175 organizations in 34 European countries.

Bologna Jazz Festival

Founded in 1958 in Bologna by Alberto Alberti and Antonio "Cicci" Foresti, "Festival Internazionale del Jazz" was one of the first Italian jazz music festivals, and one of the most important at European level. From 1974 to 2005 it passed through various phases until, in 2006, Massimo Mutti picked up that precious heritage by re-founding Bologna Jazz Festival.

From 1958, to date, there has not been first-rank artist who hasn't passed under the Two Towers, that's the reason why Bologna has always been considered the Italian epicentre of jazz, a music that has taken root in the city and which, thanks to the city itself, has influenced tastes and routes in the entire national scene.

BJF is organised by "Associazione Culturale Bologna in Musica" and it takes place in autumn, with over thirty events in the most prestigious theatres and clubs in Bologna, Ferrara, Modena and their respective provinces.

A whole month of activities which, other than concerts, also feature workshops, masterclasses, concert-lessons, conferences, exhibitions and screenings, both outdoors and in various institutional and private locations.

In the educational field, "Bologna in Musica" association has been organizing "Progetto Didattico Massimo Mutti" since 2013, in conjunction with Conservatorio Giovanni Battista Martini and Liceo Musicale "Lucio Dalla", with the contribution of Fondazione Del Monte di Bologna e Ravenna.

The project is structured through lectures, conferences and masterclasses by esteemed international professors, culminating in one final essay in the form of a concert. Contextually, the most brilliant students are awarded scholarships (Premio Massimo Mutti) in order to attend Fondazione Siena Jazz's summer seminars.

BJF also works on original productions. "Segnosonico", one of the most successful, kicked off from Progetto Didattico to become, over the three-year period 2017-2019, a creative container of its own.

Jazz Club Ferrara

Associazione Culturale Jazz Club Ferrara brings significant events since 1977. Over its long history, all the greatest international jazz performers have played in Ferrara and its province. After twenty years of productions, Jazz Club Ferrara has settled in its current location, Torrione San Giovanni, a splendid Renaissance bastion that is UNESCO heritage.

'Ferrara In Jazz' connotes the Association's activity since its settling in Torrione, producing 80 concerts every year, hosting over 500 artists and 3,500 members.

Jazz Club doesn't just offer shows that embrace many nuances of jazz language today, presenting some of the most notable ensembles from overseas, but it is also and above all a place for the enhancement of talents from the thriving Italian and European scene.

Over the years, Torrione San Giovanni has become the favorite training ground in Emilia-Romagna for young jazz players, allowing them to be trained through masterclasses, workshops, and jam sessions. Many musicians have moved to Ferrara as a consequence.

In this regard, Tower Jazz Composers Orchestra is particularly relevant. Jazz Club Ferrara's crown jewel, the Orchestra is a workshop in composition and arrangement of original music. In over five years of activity, Orchestra has recorded its eponymous album, and performed numerous times, also outside the walls of Torrione, in renowned national and European festivals.

In Musica Jazz magazine's 2020 referendum , Tower Jazz Composers Orchestra got on the podium of best Italian jazz ensembles, while Jazz Club Ferrara has been for over 10 years the undisputed winner of Jazzit Awards as "Best jazz club in Italy", and it is constantly cited among world's Great Jazz Venues by US magazine DownBeat.

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